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Harvesting nights
per person

Enjoy a unique experience in which you could be part of of the amazing harvesting that happens only during the night in DO Rueda.

The activity begins with a cocktail reception on the terrace of the winery and continues with winemaking activities (manual harvestin, sorting table selection, grape pressing, musts analysis ...). Later, at the arrival of the first trailers, we will witness the first tasks that takes place in the winery. We will continue with a nocturnal visit to the winery in which we will taste musts in different states of fermentation and tastings straight from the barrel. At the end, we will enjoy a dinner paired with our wines and spirits. *** The activities are subject to the weather conditions and the phenological cycle of the grape, as well as to the planning of the harvest by the oenological team.

Booking can also be done calling +34 983 237 744
    • Includes round trip transport Valladolid-Ramón Bilbao Rueda-Valladolid
    • Cocktail in the terrace
    • Activities in the winery (manual harvesting, musts analysis, etc.)
    • Night guided tour with different tastings
    • Dinner paired with our wines and spirits.
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